About Us

An innovative technology firm dedicated to supplying cutting-edge computer security solutions to corporate and consumer end-users.

Corporate Background
Dyrk Halstead and Robert Urich founded the concept of The CyberAngel® in the late spring of 1996. Robert Urich’s son was in school and had all of his schoolwork for that year on his laptop. Unfortunately, the laptop was stolen, and all of the data and information, term papers, reports, etc., were lost. Mr. Urich called Dyrk Halstead, a friend for many years, and expressed his anger and frustration over the incident. Dyrk had been conducting online banking and investments from his laptop and had concerns about if his computer was stolen, the thief being able to gain access to his accounts online. They shared their concerns and began a search to find a solution out in the marketplace, only to find that there was no product that provided hardware recovery, restriction of unauthorized use, and user notification of the unauthorized usage. Thus The CyberAngel® was born.

Over the next 2 years, development of the product evolved to include directory level encryption for data protection. Asset management was introduced shortly thereafter, providing detailed reporting and tracking of any given computer under a corporate license. Our Enterprise Database Management System was created to track all new sales leads, evaluations, purchases, registrations, alarm events, reports, invoicing and renewals for the product. Refining and adding functionality to provide more detail and better accounting of clients is an ongoing venture.

CSS President – Bradley Lide
Mr. Lide has been with CSS since early 1997; he has been very active and effective in CSS’s initial sales efforts and has established CSS’s Technical Support Department, along with testing and documentation procedures for software products. In the fall of1998, Mr. Lide was promoted to the position of Director of Operations, wherein he established the Reseller network for improved sales results, was also responsible for purchasing and contracting operations, and assisting with the entire forward direction of the company. In February of 2000, the Board of Directors named Mr. Lide President of CSS, and has since streamlined operations and reduced overhead cost, developed new marketing direction and developmental goals, as well as establishing stronger contacts with existing and newly recruited resellers.

Prior to joining CSS, Mr. Lide was the Director of Operations for Network2000, a Nashville-based local online and Internet service provider; in this position, he also established a Technical Support Department and managed to purchase and contracting operations. Before this position, Mr. Lide was Manager of Loss Prevention Services for Lowe’s Companies, a national lumber and hardware home center chain. At Lowe’s, Mr. Lide was responsible for all physical Loss Prevention areas, Burglar and Fire Alarm systems, Video Surveillance systems, Anti-Shoplifting Deterrent systems, and Card Access systems used in all stores, lumber yards, and distribution centers. Mr. Lide established the Corporate Security Monitoring Center, contracted installations for all store locations nationwide, continually upgraded the design of the burglar, fire, and video detection systems within all facilities.