How It Works

The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac utilizes our unique ALERT, LOCK, and LOCATE technology to detect unauthorized access to a client’s computer and silently reports the intrusion to The CyberAngel® Security Monitoring Center. The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac was designed with stealthiness in mind and offers maximum protection while being invisible to that unauthorized user, making it virtually impossible to defeat.

Once activated, The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac will:

  • Alert Users and The CyberAngel in Real-Time during unauthorized access attempts.
  • Lock vital information and applications with smart encryption technology
  • Locate notify and recover using the latest in exclusive tracking and recovery technology

“Real-Time Security” – Strong User Authentication

The CyberAngel® Authentication offers Single and Two-Factor Authentication modes, depending on the level of security required. Violation of The CyberAngel® Authentication instantly protects the information, data, applications and utilities that you feel are sensitive or critical on that computer. “Real-Time Security” for your computer and the information contained within. The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac will immediately search for some type of connectivity to alert of that violation.

“Real-Time Security” — Data and Information Protection
The CyberAngel® Secure Drive protects your confidential data, preventing unauthorized access to your files, company financials, patient/client information, or corporate business plans. If your computer is stolen, and/or The CyberAngel® authentication is violated—your sensitive data and information is encrypted and protected as well as rendered invisible to that unauthorized user. This “Real-Time Security” is a solid compliance tool for medical or financial information privacy. Proprietary applications can also be placed within the Secure Drive, prohibiting their use by an unauthorized user or thief. The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac’s “on-the-fly” encryption is transparent and lightning fast, and with all of our security features synced to the Authentication, this comprehensive IT security tool truly provides….“One Computer Program – One Password – 100% Security!”

Tracks, Locates and Recovers Lost or Stolen Computers When The CyberAngel® Authentication is breached at login or boot-up, The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac’s unique technology covertly transmits an alert to our Security Monitoring Center, where we identify the location from which that computer is calling. The “unauthorized user or thief” is unaware that an alert is being transmitted. If that computer has been reported stolen, then our Recovery Team helps coordinate notice to all necessary law enforcement officials and works closely with them to provide a rapid recovery of your stolen computer. The CyberAngel is the only company to offer Wi-Trac technology, the first indoor/outdoor laptop positioning system that utilizes Wi-Fi to accurately pinpoint the computer location. With the market today in excess of 80 million portable computing devices, The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac is the best possible way to locate stolen assets.

Additional “Real-Time Security” Features

Provides Strong User Authentication
Single & Two-Factor Authentication provides flexibility within an organization for secure access to any computer.

Prohibits Unauthorized Remote Access
Prevents VPN technologies from operating—-prohibiting access to your remote network.

Prevents Unauthorized Application Use
Prohibits applications placed in the Secure Drive from operating—protecting such financial programs as Quicken, Peachtree, or databases such as ACT or Goldmine

Locks Communication Ports
Prevents unauthorized use of any Dial-up Networking utility—preventing access to your remote network server or online accounts

Notification of Unauthorized Access
Provides immediate notification (via e-mail and/or fax) of any unauthorized access attempts—allows for rapid response to track and locate breaches in security