The CyberAngel® Security Software utilizes our unique technology to provide User Authentication, Data Protection, Information Transfer Restriction, and Tracking / Recovery for lost or stolen desktop, laptop and tablet computers. CSS, Inc. has protected the client data during the loss with “real-time” secure encryption which maintained the integrity of the company’s and/or client’s confidential information as well as having achieved an average annual recovery ratio above 75%. The CyberAngel® Security Software pricing and licensing is based on 2 factors….quantity and term of the license. We offer significant discounts for both areas, allowing for a reasonably priced option to protect your information and computer assets.  We also offer a 10% discount off of our normal List Pricing for Government markets and a 20% discount for Educational and Non-Profit markets.  As an example, a single copy of

Below is a pricing chart for small quantities of The CyberAngel® Security Software.  For larger purchases, please utilize the Request for Quote form posted on this site to obtain accurate pricing options for your company or organization.

Per Seat List Pricing

License Quantity List Price
Per Unit
1 Year License 1-10 $49.95
2 Year License 1-10 $74.95
3 Year License 1-10 $99.90
1 Year License 11-50 $44.95
2 Year License 11-50 $67.45
3 Year License 11-50 $89.90

For downloads, send us an e-mail, get the instructions and follow them for complete installation.

The CyberAngel® Security Software License includes the software, Custom Configuration and Pre-Sales Support, Implementation Support, 24/7 Technical Support, and Recovery Services.  The licenses are fully transferable during the term of the license.  Upgrades are also made available to the client during the active term of their license.  Additional licenses purchased during that existing license term will be added to the license count and will allow for greater discounts as total quantity crosses pricing thresholds.  We offer training and support assistance to your IT staff to help implement and maintain The CyberAngel® Security Software.  Our 24/7 Security Monitoring Center is always available to support our clients.