The Using

The CyberAngel with Wi-Trac fully integrates with the existing Windows / Network / Novell Logon, providing an early alert system of an unauthorized access attempt.  We offer industry-approved encryption to protect the contents of the Secure Drive that we create for storage of sensitive data and applications, and will restrict any unauthorized remote access capabilities.  In the event of violation of the Authentication, a covert alert will be sent to our Security Monitoring Center, allowing us to provide Tracking & Recovery options in the event of loss or theft.


Insert CD-ROM disc and execute “wifisetup.exe”.  If downloading, “wifisetup.exe” will execute automatically.  Fill out the requested information and complete the installation and registration by connecting with The CyberAngel Security Monitoring Center. (NOTE: You must be connected to a phone line or network connection (LAN, DSL, Cable, Wi-Fi) to register The CyberAngel with Wi-Trac.  Upon successful registration, you will be prompted to reboot your computer.


The end-user will be required to log into their computer using their normal Windows / Network / Novell logon, and once entered successfully, the computer desktop will load.  A secondary password prompt with a generic logo will appear, and once the selected CyberAngel password is entered successfully, they will have full access to that machine and its resources.  If the Windows / Network / Novell Logon is violated 3 times, an alarm event will be initiated to our Security Monitoring Center.  If the secondary password prompt is violated 3 times, or the mouse is clicked on anything outside of the password box, an alarm event will be initiated to our Security Monitoring Center.  Only if that computer has been reported stolen to our Security Monitoring Center will our Recovery Team co-ordinate notice to all necessary law enforcement officials and initiate the recovery process.

A Secure Drive will be created, and is where all confidential or sensitive data should be stored.  VPN Clients and other communication applications can also be placed within the Secure Drive to help prevent unauthorized Remote Access attempts.  When that logon is violated, the data within the Secure Drive will be encrypted with the encryption algorithm selected, and will be hidden from view.  COM Ports will also be locked from the unauthorized user.  A notification of unauthorized use will be generated to the recipient designated during registration.

Should a user violate their logon, and restrict themselves from the Secure Drive and the applications and data stored within, they would simply need to reboot and properly enter their Windows / Network / Novell logon then the secondary CyberAngel password to regain full access to their machine.  Only if that computer has been reported stolen will authorities be contacted when an alarm event is generated.

The User Guide includes information on saving new applications and moving existing ones into the Secure Drive area for protection.  In moving data into the Secure Drive, make sure that you verify access within the Secure Drive, and then ensure the deletion of any copies left in unprotected areas.

At CyberAngel Security Solutions, Inc., we strive to provide our clients with unparalleled support.  If you feel that you have not been taken care of satisfactorily, please do not hesitate to let us know.  We will work hard to resolve any outstanding issues to your satisfaction.