The Best Adware Tracking Tools in 2019

Hardware tracking or asset tracking is usually referred to as the method in which companies use in tracking their physical assets. It is essentially like managing a company’s inventory since one needs to know the status, location schedule of maintenance as well as all the vital information concerning the company hardware. Tracking is essential is it allows one to track and replace any missing or lost hardware material and to replace the ones whose life cycle is over. There are lots of tools that are used for this purpose to help the company keep up to date with all the hardware it has at its disposal.

The BMC Track-It

This is an information technology tool or service desk platform for management that uses the BMC software to track hardware or assets, alter the control and knowledge while trying to license the administration and offers several analytic and reporting dashboards. The use of this knowledge management module is to create a known issues database as well as to get their overall solutions.

The Sysaid

The SysAid is a hardware tracking tool that is commonly used in the modern world today. It is an information technology system management, help desk, and service desk software solution that is charged with the task of integrating all the essential tools of information technology into a single product.

 It has a rich set of features which include a powerful help desk, information technology asset management as well as the other tools which are readily usable to ensure it analyses and optimizes the performance of organization’s information technology.

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is one of the tools that give room for a web-based solution to the tracking of hardware and assets in a company. It offers the applications which are designed to allow the managers of the facility to conduct several functions as well as various processes that require the management and tracking of hardware, including maintenance, and many other valuable hardware management tasks.

How Should One Protect Company Data?

In today’s business, there is a need for everyone to protect his or her company data. The technological developments which have been witnessed lately have exposed a lot of people to the danger of data breach; hence, putting a lot of companies to risks. Whether it is the payment information of the consumers, strategic business intelligence or even the employee’s data, every organization handles vital information that needs protection in one way or the other.

As such, to offer maximum protection to the data, and makes sure that it does not find its way in the public domain, it is essential to secure the company data by using the below steps.

  • Establish a policy to identify and handle sensitive information: an organization should be able to have a section of the departments that are capable of detecting and distinguishing between non-sensitive and confidential information. The data of an organization should be classified as restricted, private and public to help the company adopt the best security for its information depending on its sensitivity.
  • Protect the moving data by using encryption:  most of the sensitive data are on the motion. It is always accessed and interacted still. There is, therefore, need to protect the information as it moves by use of this method to help to encrypt the data to offer the best protection for the info.
  • Boost password security: most of the company data breaches are as a result of ignorance and mistakes which are done while setting the security passwords. Therefore, one should avoid weak passwords and adopt one which is very strong and hard to identify.

Why should a company employees resort to the use of two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication has become one of the best ways to customize the issue of security of your organization among the employees. For instance, it is the only way to protect the customer information through possession, since it is only the specific users that pose it; like the physical cards and even the security token. It is also known only to the user because it uses the user name and passwords depending on the customization. Some of the primary reasons why employees need to utilize this 2FA include:

  • Improved security: it reduces the attacking probability of user computers.
  • Increased flexibility and productivity: enterprises that utilize this method embrace mobility while striving to maximize productivity.
  • Reduce fraud among employees: it is capable of identifying any kind of theft in the system.


Organization’s security is critical and needs to be embraced at all costs. The entire customer, employees, as well as business information, should be safeguarded. As such, organizations require the best method of handling this situation such as the two-factor authentication as well as the assets and hardware tracking tools. With all these in place, the company is good to go in term of safeguarding its operations.